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Welcome to the second instalment in our exciting new series of blogs designed to make the decision process for your garage door that much easier.

The second door type that we are going to explore is the Roller Shutter. As the name would suggest these doors roll up into a box above or below the lintel. The doors are made up of narrow panels called lath that interlock with one another to enable a strong structure.
The Hormann Rollmatic comes as a complete product with the door curtain, guides rails, fascia panel and shaft cover all colour matched finished. This means your entire product is an attractive and harmonious unit.

The Hormann Rollmatic is available in eleven different colours including White, Anthracite Grey, Steel Blue and Jet Black to name a few. All standard colours are the same price. For an additional cost you can upgrade to a Decopaint or Decograin wood effect finish.
All Hormann Rollmatics are made to measure. This makes it the most ideal garage door for awkward and non-standard sized openings. Is your garage on a hill? With a Hormann Rollmatic you can have chamfered bottom profile enabling the door to sit flush with the floor and still stay secure. Rollmatics are also brilliant if you are lacking space, this is because there is no extra framework intruding into the garage as it all rolls into a box. The door can also be fitted externally, meaning the box in which the door rolls up into is on the outside of the garage, making it an ideal option for when space is extremely limited.

Roller shutter doors work on both a manual and electric setting; with electric being the most popular option. Hormann come as standard with a left-hand side motor.

The Rollmatic locks through the motor. This means when the motor is not in use you are unable to open or close the door. In order to release it into manual all you need is a manual release cord which you pull into place subsequently putting the door into manual and continue to use the door as normal. This function is essential for when you have a power cut and still need access to your garage. As standard this is placed inside your garage, but in cases where you do not have another entrance this can be fitted on the outside of you’re the garage. When you wish to lock the door, or put it back into manual you just pull the cord back into place.

Much like the Sectional Garage doors, the rollmatic comes with many safety features. The most notable being the automatic safety cut-out feature. This means should the door encounter an obstruction it will automatically cut out to prevent harm and damage.

The possibilities are quite endless when it comes to additional extras. The most notable being the option to get a matching side door. Side doors are made to look the same as the garage door to create a united look. This is a great option if your garage has an external side entrance.

Just the same as all Hormann motorised products you can easily upgrade and change your transmitter options. From extra buttons to bright colours and funky patterns for your transmitter remote. You can also go high tech with a finger print scanner that can facilitate up to 12 finger prints. If you want to go hands free you can get a transmitter remote that works via the cigarette lighter in your car.

If this sounds like the door for you give us a call on 01452 739191, email us at or pop in and have a look at our show room.


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